Writing Advice: Let the Novel Rest

I thought this was not just a great post but a very interesting point. Do you let the novel sit? How long? A week? Two?

4 thoughts on “Writing Advice: Let the Novel Rest

  1. For me, I prefer a month of sit-time, though if it’s shorter (like Nikolay is) I’ll shorten that to 3 weeks. I’m also helped by the fact that I’m a strictly linear writer, so the beginning of the story is actually “older” than the end of it, meaning I’ve had even longer away from the start of my editing.

  2. I am leaving all of my books until April. So, my 1st will have been left 2 months, my second 1 month and my third only a week. I definitely think letting the story sit away for a while is very beneficial, to me anyways 🙂

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