Life with two akitas

My husband and I walked outside this morning to a bit of a surprise. The cherished cover of our bbq was destroyed, shredded beyond recognition and pieces of it were scattered everywhere on the deck.

The evidence:

Now, believe it or not, our two pooches have toys outside to play with. We’ve bought them tug rings, balls made of resistant rubber, bits of knotted rope, smaller tennis balls and other rubber toys. Everything in pairs because, what one has, the other wants.

If they’re not interested in the toys, there’s the mountain of snow to climb (a good six feet tall) and the trenches we’ve dug around the yard. They form a bit of a maze that they run around in.

As well, they have each other to play with.

Toys, mountain, maze, each other…So, of course, they ate the bbq cover instead.

One of the culprits:


Please note: not an ounce of remorse on that furry face.

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