Posts I loved this week

Here are the posts I loved this week!

Congrats to Nina Kaytel who’s published. Big congrats! And a great follow up post on how to start any novel. Excellent post!

A very cool idea at Sourcerer (Cool ideas happen often at Sourcerer–just saying) but this one is pretty neat. But there another fantastic one here. I highly recommend this one. It’s basically a how-to for those interested in building their Twitter accounts. Amazing. A big thanks to Gene’O!

This one is not writing related. I love this blog because it’s about doggies and Rachel (who runs the blog) seems to love them in that caring, selfless way animal-lovers have. This is a very sweet, humour story of her two doggies in Washington. So cute!

Jodie Llewellyn has such a great blog I actually had trouble choosing the best among her blog posts. They’re all really good! Here’s an example. I really liked that one. But…here’s another! 

Infinitefreetime is one of my guilty pleasures. I think he’s just a hoot. Hilarious. The posts he comes up with! Here’s this week’s example. But, on a serious note, he can also write. he got some really good news this week. A big congrats to him!

Jamie Lee Wallace had an excellent post on writer’s doubt. The blog, Live to write – Write to live is just superb. Please note the amazing round up of blog links at the end of Jamie’s post. An awesome resource!

A big shout out to Penny Dreadful Books and Reviews. I always check out her blog because she has the best reviews and reads everything under the sun. Here’s an example.

Molly Greene had a great post on how to increase blog traffic. Check it out here.

The Procrastiwriter had a great post on staying motivated and making plans. Part one and part two. Great tips!

This one is a lovely, lovely post that just made me relax and feel over all amazing. I have James Need to thank for that.

What an awesome week in blog posts!

16 thoughts on “Posts I loved this week

  1. Thanks for the links and the compliment. That post about increasing blog traffic tracks with the general plan that I started with, but I overvalued the importance of posting Monday-Thursday in the beginning, I think. I’m reading some things that are telling me you can build a big-traffic blog without updating all that often. Although, some of the successes had in January are probably at least partially related to the fact that we’d been generating daily content for almost 3 months by that point. So, I probably shouldn’t have worried about it as much as I should, but I think more posting, as long as it is good, should lead to faster growth.

    • You’re so welcome and I hear you on posting more often. I try to post once a day but I’m not sure there’s a simple one-to-one correlation between that and traffic. I think it needs to be interesting content as well as frequent.

  2. Reblogged this on The Writing Catalog and commented:
    It may seem a little self-serving to reblog a post that links to one of my sites and talks nice about me, but I can get away with it because this has a lot of useful stuff on writing, has a link to an article on blogging, and also features our friend InfiniteFreeTime. I’m working on a pitch for a blogging series that I’m looking for feedback on, it’s basically an outline, so it should be done sometime this weekend.

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