An 80/20 rule for Social Media

J.A. Hennrikus wrote a fabulous post on how to work with Social Media on the blog: Live to write -Write to live. She has what she calls an 80/20 rule. And this is what it means:

“My definition in this context is that 80% of your social media use should be about other people (or organizations). 20% can be in service of yourself. Only 20%. 10% would be better.”

She mentions the idea of a cocktail party and having a conversation. “You’re at a cocktail party on the web. The 80/20 rule helps you not be the narcissist that everyone wants to get away from. You know that person. “Me, me, me, what do you think of me?” Or “buy my book, buy my book, buy my book.” Blech.”

There’s a lot of talk about Social Media and how to use it. I particularly loved this post because it made so much sense to me and it was so positive. Just check out the ending: “Pay it forward. Be the fun person at the cocktail party. The one who gets invited back.”

What do you think? Or do you agree? Disagree?

5 thoughts on “An 80/20 rule for Social Media

  1. I agree, but lose sight of it occasionally. I never thought of it in terms of percentages, but I say things like, if you want people to link to you, link to other people. And, if you want people to read and comment on your blog, you need to spend some time reading and commenting on other blogs.

    I never thought of it in terms of percentages, but this is why I do roundups of other bloggers, reblogs, use original fan art from DeviantArt often, link to Twitter profiles, participate in awards, etc.

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