What are you reading now?

I’ll be honest, I’m re-reading Lover Reborn by J.R.Ward. I’m absolutely obsessed with this author. She’s just superb and I love–LOVE–her books. Actually, to be completely honest, love doesn’t seem to cover it. My idea of heaven is a large room without disruptions where I could read her books over and over without stopping to eat or drink or sleep…Ahhhh. Did I mention she’s releasing a new book in April? Sigh. I can’t wait. It looks so good.

What are you reading and loving at the moment?

This is J.R.Ward’s upcoming release: The King. Doesn’t the cover look absolutely, terrifying awesome? I’m shaking with excitement and we’re a ways away still.



8 thoughts on “What are you reading now?

  1. I’m reading the debut novel of a friend of mine. She would say it’s about bloody time, and she’s right. In some ways, it’s to compare us a bit. I want to see what got her through the eye of the needle and so I find that I’m being way more critical and observant than when I read other books. In a constructive way, I suppose, because it’s for my own sake and to see what works and what doesn’t. To be completely honest with you, I’m not blown away yet… Hopefully I’ll get there. Her debut sold enough to make it possible for her to cut down her normal work to half position and it also gave her a publishing deal for her second book. Her second book sold well enough so that the publishing house offered her a contract for three, planned books so she’s really getting there. The Norwegian market is of course nothing like the English, and the competition can’t even be compared, I think, so it’s a good exercise to follow her authorship and see what it required. It makes me hopeful, to some extent. She’s always claimed she thinks I have what it takes, and reading her books make me think that she might right.

    Otherwise I’m reading test chapters for a publishing house that needs translators. Jeez, I’m struggling hard with the sex scenes…My Norwegian vocabulary has just *Poff* gone straight out the window during my time in exile.

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