A new akita

Let me clarify things and explain that I didn’t want another dog. We already had one and she was fine. Another was too much. Too much cost, too much work and, worst of all, too much hair. In my opinion, getting a new dog had disaster written all over it.

My husband, who’s usually pretty easy going, was set and determined to get another dog. He had every reason in the book. We should try it. It would be company for Ocean. Better protection for us. Yadda, yadda.

The breeder was willing to give it a shot–free of charge–and take him back if things didn’t work out. She honestly just wanted this dog to have a better life than that of a breeding dog. In a way, her trust in our capacity as dog-parents was a huge compliment.

So, grumbling under my breath, I went with my hubby to the breeder’s. The ride there was three hours long and I didn’t crack a smile during the entire thing.

When we finally got there and they showed us the dog, I was even more disillusioned. He wasn’t very clean, was super-hyper and massive. He bounced into my line of vision and gave me a kiss and I grumbled in reply.

I was certain this was going to be a disaster.

This dog had never been inside a car, so I sat with him in the back and explained that this forced kidnapping was actually an adventure and we weren’t going to hurt him. He moved restlessly around, falling every time the car turned and looked completely terrified.

After an hour of turning around the back of the car, exhaustion settled in and he lay down.

Then, he put his head on my lap and fell asleep.

He was massive. His head was not only the hairiest thing I’ve ever seen, it weighed a ton. And he still stank. He was also incredibly gentle. I started petting the never-ending head and he gave a soft sigh.

Just like that, I was in love.

Welcome home, River.


2 thoughts on “A new akita

    • Thank you! He is beautiful…in a hairball sir sort of way. No. He’s really beautiful. We just have to adjust Ocean and ourselves to having him. He got out of the fence yesterday and we spent all afternoon digging out the snow so he won’t be able to do that again. Sigh.

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