Posts I really liked this week

This week’s posts that tickled my fancy!

I don’t know how Sourcerer manages to have such engaging posts and on such cool topics. I’m always in awe. Here’s the latest one to make my jaw drop.

This one is by Gene’O on the A to Z challenge. I thought his plan was awesome. I love reading about literature and I’m really looking forward to his posts.

Infinitefreetime is one blog not to be missed and this week, he had the proper urinal etiquette. Who knew men followed this? I had no idea. Hilarious. Nope. Change my mind, this one on chemicals is better. Hm…okay, they’re both laugh out loud funny.

This one is from Men with Pens an excellent site. The post I really liked talks about why writers can’t write at times. I thought it was dead on and very insightful.

This one is from Nina Kaytel. She wrote 50 000 words in three days and describes her process to find the ‘hero’ in her story. Very, very interesting.

Jen wrote a great little group of inspirational quotes from the greats. I loved them. What a great post!

Now Frances and Lynne had this great post on the ending of Harry Potter. I couldn’t believe what J.K Rowling said! Check it out!

Great news: Ankush Meta is back on his blog: I, for one, am thrilled to have him back.

9 thoughts on “Posts I really liked this week

  1. I love these posts. They give me an easy way to find good stuff to read without spending a lot of time with my reader 🙂 Sourcerer’s secret is that more than one person is coming up with ideas and doing the writing. I could make it pretty by myself, and come up with something interesting maybe once or twice a week, but it would not be as good if it were just me, and it wouldn’t feel the same. The quality and the atmosphere are produced by collaboration.

    • Ahhhh! I thought it was all you! Still, even with help, the work is amazing. I mean, just look at the pictures! The Superman icon alone made my eyes widen to the size of plates! Then, there’s the content…I’ll just say I’m impressed and leave it at that.

      • The content, and all the comic stuff is written by our friend Jeremy. I usually choose the art from a list of suggestions he sends me, based on what I think appeals. I like that Superman logo, too. I thought it was just the thing. Not everyone who posts at S. or Part Time Monster is interested enough in WordPress to have an account, but I can’t let that stand in the way of someone who wants to post their work doing so. We post some people under bylines. Jeremy knows his comics, and he also knows how to analyze a text.

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