Akita love

I’m desperately trying to keep a second akita from appearing in our home. My attempts, though seem to have backfired. My lovely hubby has gone from interested in a second dog, to determined, to obsessed within a week. Every issue I come up with against the second dog only makes him smile and counter that ‘he’ll take care of it’. I foresee doom.

Our lovely Fuzzy Tail is ‘blowing her coat’ a process by which she gets rid of all her fur in little bits. The results are fist-sized balls of fur that roll around our home like tumbleweed in an Old Western movie. And we’re not talking one or two, the other day I opened the door and six flew outside. SIX. I shudder to think what our house would look like if we had two such dogs.

Our breeder is an incredibly patient, devoted woman who adores akitas and is honestly interested in their well-being. She has a male who is almost 2 and she had kept to breed. Since now she’s considering leaving breeding dogs in favour of a new job, he needs a home. She’s willing to let us try having him and to have us return him if things don’t work out. And we’d get him for free (and he’s worth about $2 000). Sounds like a great deal, right?

So, why am I reluctant? Because I know my hubby. He’s going to take one look at this dog and his eyes will soften and he’ll be in love. House rules will go out the window, cleanliness won’t be important, sanity will disappear and chaos will reign…but he’ll love his new boy. He’s like that with dogs.

On the upside, you can look forward to funny stories of our dog-infested life.


Please note: Grown akitas are larger than they appear on this picture. That’s a puppy.

10 thoughts on “Akita love

  1. I’ve never had two at the same time. I’m wondering how they will get along, since both are probably Alpha. Is your girl fixed?

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