One of my favourite books

“That Scandalous Evening” By Christina Dodd. It’s a historical romance and simply beautiful.

It tells the story of Miss Jane Higgenbothem who makes a sculpture of a man (Lord Blackburn) and is discovered. Her faux-pas sends her to back to the country in disgrace. She comes back, ten years later, as a chaperone to her niece. Nothing but respectable, proper and keeping her distance from the tempting Lord Blackburn. Then, under the contemptuous eye of the ton, love happens.

It’s a story about the ugly duckling becoming a swan and simply lovely. I think there’s a bit of that story in all of us, at least there was in me because I connected with Jane right away. Coming back to show off those who belittled her is just such a delicious premise. At the same time, there are some simply delicious characters in the book and Christina Dodd is a master at the craft.

This one is not to be missed.

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