Awesome posts

I found some awesome posts this week.

Kristen Luciani finished her first novel. Big congrats!!

Skye Callahan has an awesome giveaway. Not to be missed.

Infinitefreetime poses one very, very important question here.

Sourcerer has the awesome Zero To Hero Challenge. And Feminist Friday here.

Finally, Jeff Moore had this great post on ideas to increase productivity. I loved it.

How about you? Any posts that you loved this week? Any blogs out there that you follow every day?

4 thoughts on “Awesome posts

  1. I think the best thing I read this week is here I missed it when she first posted it, and is a Freshly Pressed post. I don’t follow any blogs every day – some days I don’t even get over to my sister’s blog, but I follow several every other day or every week.

    Comparative Geeks and Scholars and Rogues are probably the two I look at most frequently. CompGeeks is a husband & wife duo who do good writerly reviews of books, movies, and games. S&R is a left-oriented multi-contributor blog, but they don’t talk exclusively about politics. Their ArtSunday posts are one of my favorite regular blog features, and I like their brand of humor.

    Thanks for the links, especially to the Announcements post. I’d forgotten about that Infinite free time post & your pingbacks reminded me that I needed to reblog it.

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