50 Best Websites for Writers

A huge thank you to Kelsie Engen for this amazing resource. I’m definitely putting it into my bookmarks right now. Awesome!

The Written Word Remains...

Because life has gotten in the way of my planned post this week, I leave you instead with a link to a page offering 50 of the best websites for writers, here.

Check back next week for the second half of my post about point of view and how important it is to choose the right POV.


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2 thoughts on “50 Best Websites for Writers

  1. Don’t know why I am saying this, really, but it’s occurred to me that I frequently follow people you link to and reblog. I don’t know how other people use the reader, but I follow loads and loads of blogs. My main feed isn’t much good for specific content,or finding a reblog when I need one in a hurry, or keeping up with friends. But it is very diverse, and the picture it gives me is valuable. It is all either followers or people I’ve followed because blogs I like gave them a link. When I need specificity, I either browse tags or use my blogrolls.

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