Ten Commandents of the Happy Writer–Nathan Bransford

I loved this post. The Ten Commandments of the Happy Writer. I needed to hear each and every one of these. Nathan Bransford, thank you so much.

1. Enjoy the present. I’m seriously working on this one because not so long ago, I was obsessed with the old, dark catch: I’ll be happy when…. For me, it went like this: I’ll be happy when I’m successful and published. Until then, I’ll be miserable. It sucked. Especially because I have no control over my success as a writer. I could be good but I might suck royally. Who knows? I need to enjoy the now.

2. Maintain your integrity. I’ve been caught by this one too. I’ve tried to ‘sound’ like someone else (not for long, thankfully) and it sucked! It’s better to be me. If I’m no good. I’m no good. That’s not why I’m doing this. I love to write. Period.

3. Recognize the forces that are outside your control. Yeap. I have to remind myself all the time.

4. Don’t neglect your friends and family. This one is huge for me. It’s not worth it. As Nathan Bransford so eloquently says: ‘it’s not worth losing a husband or a friend’. No book is worth that. I believe it. Family comes first.

5. Don’t quit your day job. Can’t. I have bills. A scary mortgage…and did I mention my Jeep? Must keep day job.

6. Keep up with publishing industry news. Hm. Not so good with this one. Rats. Area of growth for me.

7. Reach out to fellow writers. I do. But I think this is another definite area of growth for me. I can do more.

8. Park your jealousy at the door. I think I manage this one. I believe there’s enough to go around.

9. Be thankful for what you have. I really like this one. I have my health, a wonderful, supportive hubby, one crazy akita we adore. A lovely home. Things are good. Really good. Writing is the icing on the cake.

10. Keep writing. I wrote about this on a previous post because I had forgotten. I started promoting and forgot what it’s about. For me, it’s about writing.

I would add one more: be positive. In comments, in posts, in reviews, highlight the good stuff and let go of the bad. Being positive helps me stay positive and think happy thoughts. Thoughts are powerful things. My belief is that what I think, I become. I’d rather be a positive person.

What about you? Would you add any other commandments to the list?

One more link: Nathan Bransford’s site: http://blog.nathanbransford.com

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