Julie James

Julie James is awesome. She writes contemporary romance about heroines who work as lawyers. She’s so good, she makes me want to be a lawyer.

Her heroines are powerful, independent, working women who know their stuff and kick butt. They’re the contemporary version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer–for law. And her heroes are yummy, confident, successful, alpha-type guys. The resulting sparks make me want to re-read her books over and over. Ahhh, so good.

I’ve only just heard about her! About a year ago, I read one of her books and thought it was great. When I also loved the next two of hers, she jumped into my automatic-buy and has happily rested there ever since.

I just thought I’d mention her because–like me–she might not be in your radar. She has one book coming out May 6: It happened one Wedding…and you know I’ll be reading it the moment it’s out. It sounds absolutely awesome. Can’t wait!

Here’s her site: http://juliejames.com And the book:



(click on the image of the book, to go to her book page)

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