The Liebster Award…

So I received the Liebster Award. I got a message in my blog and, at first, I was thrilled. Then, when I read the ‘steps’ I had to follow, I became slightly suspicious.

The only requirement for the Liebster Award is that you have less than 1000 followers. That’s it. You don’t have to have any merit, any outstanding contributions, any great posts. That raised my doubt and I did some looking around. It seems no one polices this award. As far as I could tell, there are even different variations for the award and different rules that different people follow. That didn’t sound very regulated or official to me.

Then I had to do a lot of work to simply post the logo of the award on my blog. There are steps to follow. But, the worst part, was that I had to give this award to 11 other blogs and basically dump on them the job of following those steps. I would give them work. It seemed a lot like an annoying email chain letter.  And I could understand if they didn’t appreciate that one bit.

At the same time, there are arguments for the Award. It highlights new blogs (like mine) and helps create a closer community. It also increases awareness of these new blogs and brings traffic.

Any thoughts? Do you think this is just a chain letter and too annoying for words? Or perhaps you’d like to receive this award? If there are 11 of you interested in getting it out there, I’ll certainly pass it on :-).

14 thoughts on “The Liebster Award…

  1. I’ve received three or four awards like this, and while I’ve appreciated that the people who nominated me thought of me, I’ve not followed through on any of them. So far no one has gotten on my case for it. 🙂

      • First, although I wasn’t thinking in these terms, they do feel kinda chain-lettery. The frequent requirement to tag X number of other blogs kinda bugged– while I do read quite a lot of other blogs (look at the number of “thanks for the like!” comments on my About page) I generally do tag searches and don’t have a lot of WordPress blogs that I follow specifically– mostly either people who comment a lot here (hi!) or people who wouldn’t respond to my tagging anyway, like Scalzi. Second, the “make a post about this topic before you tag anyone” thing generally hasn’t appealed to me much. Again, I love that people like the blog and are willing to recognize it and link to it, but I guess my gratefulness doesn’t extend to playing along with reindeer games. 🙂

  2. I like awards. Most of the time, I enjoy writing the post, and I like having a reason to highlight blogs I really enjoy. That said, the Liebster in particular is a LOT of work (I just did a Liebster post earlier this week), and I wouldn’t blame anyone for just saying “thanks for the compliment” and leaving it at that, or not acknowledging it at all.

    The way I feel about them is that it should be entirely up to the blogger receiving the nomination whether to accept the award or not, and they are free to do it on their own schedule. I have Sunshine Award nominations to pass around at some point, and I really do appreciate the award, but I’ll write the post when I feel like it, and when I find 11 deserving blogs that like awards.

    So, I guess to sum up, I see it as a social game, and one I happen to enjoy playing. Like any game, it’s not for everyone. If I enjoy a blog, I am going to keep reading whether they like awards or not. I don’t attach status to them, but I like having an awards page with links to all the people who have nominated me, and I like following links in nomination posts through several iterations to see where the nominations came from.

    • I really liked your comment Gene’O. I liked how you changed it around from a chore to something you do on your own terms. I really liked that. Especially finding 11 blogs that deserve it, not just 11 for the sake of completing the task. Thanks for the comment!

  3. More – I follow the tags for each specific award that I know about, and occasionally I go and congratulate people who post their acceptance/nominations on those tags, and I thought the Liebster was for blogs with less than 200 wordpress followers. It’s interesting how fluid these rules are – it’s like a game of Whispers.

      • The social aspects of blogging are very important to me – otherwise I’d just write most of this stuff in a journal. I do the follow-ups mostly because they’re fun for me. It also helps that I am really interested in studying how information spreads across networks; so participating in the awards is accomplishing two things for me – the Award nomination posts are some of the easiest themed content to track over time, and the people who accept them, at least the ones I’ve looked at so far, seem to be more willing to interact on comment threads and share links. All that said, a string of award nominations can suck away a week of blogging time very easily if you get too hung up on responding immediately.

      • I can see that too. The time factor can become a real issue (as my husband points out to me). So interesting, what you’re sharing! I would have never thought of it that way!

      • Yeah, time is an issue. Creative energy is also an issue. I’m putting most of both into blogging at the moment, but that can’t continue for more than a few more weeks. I’m trying to get more efficient at the blogging. Budgeting blog posts the way a newspaper editor budgets stories at this point, and I’m going to soon have to make some decisions about where I want to comment. I think it’s better to comment regularly at a few places than once a month on a 100 different blogs.

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