Books here, there and everywhere

I read everywhere I go. If I’m eating, I probably have a paperback in one hand and a fork in the other. If my husband is watching TV, I’m probably sitting next to him, reading. I take my books to work (not a good idea) and even brought a book to work out (another bad idea).

So, when I stop eating, or watching TV or whatever it was that I was doing, I leave my book on the nearest flat surface…and promptly forget I did so. Now I don’t just read one book. I have one new book that I’m seriously reading (first time through it), one I’m rereading for fun (read that one when there’s distractions) and one I’m reading for inspiration (that one is in my office) and, well, you get the idea. I usually have 4 or 5 books on the go. That means I leave a trail of books pretty much wherever I go. Like little breadcrumbs.

Once done, the books do go back to their rightful place in my bookshelves but, until then, they live in far away places like shelves, tables and side tables, usually lying right on top of another book.

People who come over comment on the small stacks. They stare at the piles wondering who’s got the obvious addiction. My husband quickly clears any misconceptions by jabbing a finger in my direction. Its usually right around that moment that the newcomer looks around and realizes the stack isn’t an isolated event. There are more, here, there…

“How many books do you have?” they inevitably ask.

“Not enough,” I tell them. Do they think I actually count them?

By the way, does anyone know any romance authors they’d recommend? I’m heading to the used bookstore tomorrow. 🙂



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