Ocean’s Christmas

It’s a winter wonderland out here.

IMG_0224We have trees and snow and more trees and…well, more snow. It’s Ocean’s favourite mix.

She doesn’t know it’s Christmas but she sure likes the toys she magically got and the snow everywhere in sight.

IMG_0220The only catch is that its minus 20. At that temperature, my face starts to freeze after a couple of minutes–and I haven’t even mentioned the windchill factor!

So, we’re staying indoors and so is Ocean. She doesn’t mind that much. Especially with her new toys.


Please note that turkey. We thought it was particularly fitting during the holidays. Ocean thought so too, after she chewed it half to death.


And there’s the lady of the hour, with her new favourite toy, a small ball she chases around the house, down the stairs and under beds…I know, she’s sadly neglected.

What do you think?

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