Signs you were meant to be a writer

L.M. Montgomery’s book was rejected over and over before it got published. Apparently, those editors didn’t think Anne of Green Gables was good enough to go into print. Herman Melville’s Moby Dick suffered a similar fate. What if those authors had given up? How did they know they were writers worth publishing? Come to think of it, how do we know?

I think there are signs. Here are ten I can particularly relate to.

1. You like instructions written rather than told. Seeing them on the page is important to you. They make more sense when you actually see the written words.

2. You read all the time. All. The. Time. The owner of the used book store is a good friend you’ve known for years and you know the phone number to Chapters by heart.

3. Your reply emails are massive. And so are your sticky notes, and your tiny notes-to-self and your shopping lists…

4. Writing actually calms you down. When you’re upset, you go and write it down and feel better afterwards. Or maybe, you journal and leave that anger behind on the page. Or perhaps you already have a story going and you get some of that angst out through some great antagonists.

5. When you need to figure something out, you use paper and pen and write it out. Pesky plot issue? You head for your computer and type it out. Trying to figure out when things should happen in your story? Out comes a sheet of paper and you’re writing like mad.

6. When a person acts strangely, you don’t frown like everyone else, you think: great quirk for a character! Same goes when someone gets upset or when they over react or…

7. You research odd things online. Like baby names when you don’t have a child or history facts when you’re not a historian, or strange fighting techniques used by the military but you’re a pacifist…

8. You tell the best stories. And never let something as unimportant as the truth get in the way of those stories. And you watch your audience, see how they react and tell your story accordingly.

9. You love books the way some people love their children. Passionately, irrationally and very, very defensively. Others put them down at their own risk.

10. You read this list and said yes to at least 5 signs!



What do you think?

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