The awesome J.R. Ward

How I love this author. Let me count the ways.

1. She managed to create a series about vampires that was so cool, it actually made me fall in love with them all over again (and I was pretty over the entire vampire thing, let me tell you).

2. Her writing is not only easy to get into and fresh (she has great references to things happening in real-life), it’s also funny. I’ve literally laughed out loud.

3. Her books are thick. Thank the good gods above, she writes nicely filled books. I usually don’t want more than 100 000 words but, with J. R. Ward, I want as much as I can get. And she delivers

4. I love her heroes. They’re tough, mean, nasty sons of guns but so incredibly protective and possessive over their ladies, they just make me sigh with instant adoration (sighing right now). Plus, they’re fully fleshed heroes, with issues, flaws and defects.

5. One-liners that I want to memorize and use at work functions. J. R. Ward has one-liners that I want to print and plaque onto my wall. They’re just awesome…or hilarious. Depending where you are at in the book.

6. Multiple story lines. I like knowing more than one perspective and more than one layer in the story. I find it enriches the experience. J. R. Ward does that in spades.

7. Her stories are gripping. There are some (I won’t say what happens in them) that I had to read in slow bits because they were so emotionally powerful…then I had to read them again. And again.

8. Her books are paranormal romance. The love story isn’t forgotten, it’s the main attraction but the writing is amazing enough that I’ll get into the other story-lines.

9. She’s written another series The Fallen Angels…which means there are more books to love. And she writes as Jessica Bird too!

10. Her next book is coming out April 1st. And I CAN NOT wait. Just check out the incredible cover. It’s months away and I’m already drooling over it. Can’t wait…can’t wait…itching to get my little paws on it…



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