I’m reading another book by Susan Elizabeth Phillips, titled ‘Heaven, Texas’. I’m not very far into it. I’ve only managed to sneak a read here and there while working (not something I’d recommend, since you can get caught) and while waiting to see my chiropractor (something I highly recommend since it makes the time fly. Me already?!)

Anyway, I may have only read a few pages but I love the story already. He’s an ex-football player who’s conceited and too good-looking for his own good. She’s a wallflower with bad hair and even worse taste in clothes. He’s completely confident, has the upper hand and is playing with her like a cat with a mouse. She’s only just met him and I want her to take him down a notch so badly, I can taste it. He’s so in control and super-cool and has all these comebacks to everything she says. In turn, she can’t utter a single sentence without stuttering…but she’s a darling. I can’t wait to see what happens.

Can. Not. Wait.

I just love this feeling. The one that says there’s a good book on its way. There are pages and pages of goodness coming my way and it’s going to be sooo good! I simply can’t wait.

I’ve guzzled books and it’s okay. It’s like inhaling cheesecake (so good!) but then it’s over (sadness). I’ve learned it’s okay to guzzle a book and read it in one sitting but it’s over so quickly (not to mention the headaches you get from not looking up for hours). There are times when it’s better to slow down so you can taste the writing.

Good in theory, much harder in practice. I try to slow down so I can linger and savour all books but…well, sometimes, it’s difficult. Some books are simply too good to slow down. I can already tell, this one is going to be one of those. I’m going to have to put my foot down or I’ll guzzle it and there’ll be nothing left. I must be disciplined and determined and not let my excitement get the better of me.

But…it’s soooo good…





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