Olivia’s Choice is free…on Smashwords

I’m still in depths of formatting…well, let’s call it Formatting Inferno. It honestly seems to be one step forward and three back. I won’t mention the issue with the font right now because it’s just going to set me off and I’ll be rambling about it for hours. Let’s just say that whenever someone who’s techy calls a process ‘easy’ and that their guide is ‘step by step’, they mean if you have a PhD in the subject.

Still, there’s a point to this post and I’m getting to it. Olivia’s Choice is free on Smashwords. Here’s the link:


It has all sorts of available downloads, from epub to mobi to doc to anything in between. There’s also a nifty interview by yours truly (me). I’ve also added the link to the page on this blog for easy access.

I’m still formatting because my goal is to get Olivia’s Choice free on Amazon and the formatting Inferno I’m in is one step towards that goal. Let’s hope the formatting gods are kinder today than they were yesterday. Wish me luck.

What do you think?

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