Dogs and strangers

A friend of my husband’s came over to introduce us to his girlfriend. It seemed a nice enough idea and we were excited to meet her. We greeted her at the door where our akita tried to turn herself into a pretzel in order to get closer to the exciting new comers.

This new lady seemed nice enough at first. I didn’t really clue in when she insulted and questioned our choice of gender in dog and dog breed. Instead, I gave her a tour of the house during which she told me to relax, to change my attitude and to take better control of my excited dog. According to her, I should have gone to puppy school with my dog (we have but I didn’t see a point in mentioning it) and learn how to be an Alpha person. She claimed we had our dog on the wrong kind of food. Obviously, she was missing a vitamin and that was why she was so excited.

I was desperately trying to keep the conversation smooth and happy and changed the subject but she wouldn’t have it. She shook her head at my soft-spoken husband and declared we’d never have control over our dog. When she tried to ‘teach’ us how to ‘discipline’ Ocean, I lost it and took my puppy away.

The night was over after the hockey game and, to me, that was one very long game. In other circumstances, I might have liked this lady, but this night didn’t give me a chance to see the good qualities she must have. I disliked her for putting my doggie down and even worse when she tried to shout at her and shove her around in her version of ‘discipline’.

Ocean on the other hand, doesn’t suffer from my prejudices. She was delighted with the newcomers and saw them as wonderful companions. When they were leaving and I was standing tensely by the door, Ocean was still trying to kiss them goodbye and show them just how much she loved them already.

Afterwards, when I was smudging the house (a native process that changes the energy of a space), Ocean stretched out in the living room and slept. Obviously unconcerned about the energy or vibes they had left. She didn’t need any smudging to feel completely fine, safe and relaxed.
Watching her sleep, I finally realized who she reminds me of. Someone else who had the same faith in humanity.


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