Still reading…

Incredibly, along the ride of Call me Irresistible, Meg becomes a very likeable heroine. Remember how she was spoiled and ruined her best-friend’s wedding? Turns out that she actually saved her best friend from a commitment she didn’t want. Plus, she stays in the small town where everyone hates her and digs in, with determination and strength to find a place for herself. She doesn’t take pity or free rides from anyone and shows more integrity than I would have in her place.

I can’t remember ever not liking her now. Isn’t that incredible? Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Amazing.

Ted is also awesome. One he doesn’t change character and suddenly likes Meg, no he makes life miserable for her but, along the way, discovers her (as I did reading) and helps her. Suddenly, he’s not only hot, he’s caring…

Oh no. I’m not done the book. I just had to stop because my haired-brained akita decided that some snow-flake had evil intentions and she was barking up a storm…and yes, that freaked me out enough that I pulled out of my book. Plus, I’ve been reading straight for three hours, so, even though I’m close to the end, I need water and to move my body so I don’t get kinks.

I should probably eat supper…what time is it anyway?

What do you think?

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