Books to movies…the disappointment that keeps luring me in

Some movies have let me down. They promised to deliver an honest rendition of a beloved book but fell short. In the trailers, they tempted me with a few flashy scenes and catchy music and I believed they would be faithful and truly follow the book only to end up disappointed.

Now, I’ll be honest, I don’t to go to the movies very often because I’d rather be reading or writing than watching a movie, but nothing will get me there faster than a book turned into a film. So, it’s with sadness that I say, more often than not, I come away disillusioned with the results.

Turning a book into a movie is such a difficult task, it’s almost impossible. A book has depths and levels that movies just can’t reach. And a lot happens in a book that can’t be faithfully copied onto film. I’m also not an easy critic. I don’t just like my books, I love them. Passionately, irrationally and blindly. I turn into a rather protective Mother Bear about them. So, I’m a very difficult customer to please.

On a positive note, I think Peter Jackson did a great job with The Lord of the Rings films. People doubted it could be done, they even said the books were impossible to render into film but he proved them wrong. At least, I think he did a great job. But, unfortunately, he’s pretty much the exception to the rule.

After one sad rendition after another, you’d think I would have learned my lesson and stop going. Or, at least, lower my expectations a little. Nope. From the Harry Potter movies to Twilight, I headed over there with blind faith and unrealistically lofty hopes. I was certain that this time they were going to do an amazing job. With popcorn in one hand and one of those massive drinks on the other, I sat and chewed and counted down the minutes to the start wild with excitement. Just another minute!

Disappointment inevitably followed. Afterwards, nursing my wounds in private, I huddled back with my beloved book and promised to never, ever go to the movies again.

Then I saw the commercial for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire….Oh boy! It’s coming soon!



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