So we have snow…sort of

We finally got snow.

We got about 5 maybe, maybe 10 cm and everyone sort of let out a collective sigh of disappointment. Turns out Canadians don’t really wait for snow, they wait for the first BIG snowfall of the season and our teeny, tiny 10 cm didn’t even measure up. Yes, those in their teen years are throwing the stuff around like they’ve never seen it before and little kiddies are desperately trying to create snowmen but this isn’t snow. Not really.

We need enough snow to make it the subject of conversation. Enough to impede traffic and give students a day off, enough to convert the weather man into the most listened-to person on TV and to change the landscape into a winter scenario.

We have rain coming. This snow will be gone in a matter of days, therefore, it doesn’t count.

My akita agrees. Made perfectly for winter, she loves this weather. She bounces outside chasing snowflakes and shoving her nose into the snow to find traces of smells. She loves being outside in it.

I don’t agree. I like warm environments, preferably weather insulated and, if possible, with coffee available. I was certain my little dog couldn’t possibly be warm in this cold. So, I dug my fingers into the deep recess of my little akita to see how dense her fur was. I had to fight my way through layers of thick, dense hair until I reached the softer down and, finally, hit skin. She’s toasty warm under there.

Like everyone else, she’s also waiting for the BIG snow fall.



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