Non-barking dogs who bark

Okay, so our dogs are non-barking which was a great idea and one I highly recommend. However, before anyone goes galloping off to the breeders, there’s a little something else you might want to know…see non-barking doesn’t mean ninja-quiet.

Our first dog was a regular, barking dog. We called her Buddha and she was a rottweiler. Like most of her breed, Buddha loved us like crazy and part of the way she expressed that love was to protect us by barking.

The problem with barking dogs is two fold. One, the dogs can’t tell the good visitors from the unwanted ones. Therefore, they end up with barking at everyone from the post man to your grandma when she’s trying to visit. At Christmas. And two, dogs can’t tell what’s a threat and what’s not. Buddha would bark at people but she also barked at the neighbours, the bus passing by our house, people walking by, cats, thunder, leaves, the wind, snowflakes, dust particles…

So, in our incredible wisdom, this time around we chose non-barking dogs. Yeap. There’s such a thing. We have a bullmastiff and an akita. Guaranteed to be as silent as a tomb…well, almost.

Lobo, our bullmastiff, does bark though very rarely. And that’s a good thing. See, he weighs roughly 150lbs or so. When he barks, the sound is so loud, it’s heard all the way in Mongolia. It’s certainly an effective deterrent (though he’s the one with anxiety so basically he’s terrified of his own bark). There is however an issue. Lobo’s IQ being questionable at best, he doesn’t differentiate between a stranger with a machete or the squirrel giving him an evil eye on the lawn. So I end up galloping  across our house like a mad woman only to see a bunny racing off, or a shocked blue jay or a frog…you get the idea.

Ocean, our akita, is also a ‘silent’ breed. She seems unable to bark. Instead, when she chooses to self-express using noise, the sound that comes out of her is a cross between a screech and a howl and sounds ridiculously funny…until you hear it at 2am at which time it sounds like a Stephen King nightmare coming to life. Then you’re up and running like a mad woman only to see a homeless cat running off in the distance.

IMG_0136Good to know we’re so well protected.

What do you think?

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