For writers

I thought I’d mention a great program for writers: Scrivener.

Nope. They haven’t paid me to do this post. I just use it and it’s really something. I’ll never write with anything else again.

Scrivener is super easy to use. It has a side bar where all your chapters and scenes are located and you can easily move them around. That alone sold me because, the way I write, I need to move scenes back and forth and cutting, pasting, then scrolling is a nightmare. As well, Scrivener makes editing easy because you can mark each scene or chapter with a coloured mark to show where they are in the editing process. You can also go to any of them instantly. No scrolling down.

It has a ton of other features, like word count, character sheets, the cork board, etc. But I didn’t want to make it sound complicated because it’s very user friendly.

But there’s more! Scrivener can compile the finished document into epub, mobi (for amazon) or for print. I can add a table of contents (a real nightmare if you want to format the document by yourself) in one or two clicks. That alone is worth a fortune.

When I first got my edited manuscript, I paid someone to format it for me. They did a terrible job and wouldn’t help me fix their mistakes. With Scrivener, I can do it myself. For free.

Here’s a link to the site:

And here’s a very thorough review by Molly Greene: She also includes pictures of what it looks like.

In my humble opinion. It’s so worthwhile.


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