Waiting for snow

It’s a bizarre phenomenon. I find myself waiting for snow to arrive. With happy anticipation.

I live in Canada. We get our share of the white stuff. And, though the kids love it, ask any adult about it and you’re likely to get a list of reasons why it’s a pain in the neck.

You have to shovel it out of the driveway. It makes the roads a slippery nightmare to drive. It covers the car and you have to clear that off every time you go anywhere. It arrives with it’s buddy black ice and complete a disaster driving scenario. To help out, trucks throw tons of sand on the roads and wreck the underside of cars. It gets dirty and looks disgusting. It wrecks shoes and boots. You trudge it indoors and it destroys carpets and hardwoods…

Our winters are long. From November to March (even April), snow is a reality. After months of daily accumulations of the stuff, freezing winds and stressful drives, even the most avid winter fan has their fill. Every summer, as I pull off layers of clothing, I savour going outside in shorts and t-shirts and say winter is the worst season around.

Yet, the truth is that it’s October and I’m hoping it’ll snow soon.

There’s something about a snow fall. Everything goes eerily quiet and there’s this fluffy white blanket over every branch, every bush, every roof. It’s also very cold and pristine. It’s also the very best time to build a snowman…or two.

In snowy days, hot chocolate is awesome (not to mention a good cup of coffee), rosy cheeks abound and cars move a little slower. It might be silly but I really think the snow does something to people because everyone is just a little bit nicer.

If they’re not, you can always complain about the weather. Nothing says ‘new friend’ as quickly as a common enemy.

(credit: inlander.com)

(credit: inlander.com)


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