Another recommendation

This is actually someone I should have recommended a while ago. Elizabeth Hoyt writes historical romance and, personally, I love her books. She’s on my automatic-buy list for a couple of reasons.

One, she has written The Serpent Prince. One of my most beloved books. It’s gripping and sad and amazing all in one book. Two, she writes historical romance that’s credible (no historical mistakes that bring you out of the story) and is, at the same time, very hot. I’m used to historical romance where we get kisses or hints of kisses. Elizabeth Hoyt has steamy scenes that make me blush bright red…before I read them again. Finally, she has been writing for a while and has a few books out but she hasn’t given up quality for quantity. I’ve seen other authors fall for that trap but Ms. Hoyt has stayed within the realms of great, quality writing and I thank her for it.

I don’t think writing historical romance is particularly easy to write either. You can’t have explosions or aliens or powers to create interest. There was no email, no TV, no phones in that time period. News didn’t arrive suddenly and startle everyone. It was passed by word of mouth and spoken about long after it had taken place. They didn’t race cross-country on bikes or do other dangerous sports for fun.  Nope. For entertainment, they talked over tea for hours or went to long balls. I’d say that’s a challenge to write. You’ve got to have a great set of characters and one dandy, reader-catching plot. Oh, and the dialogue better be off the scale or people are simply going to tune out. Rest easy, Ms. Hoyt pulls it off, again and again.

I read Elizabeth Hoyt like it’s going out of style. She just got out a book “Duke of Midnight” and once I get my little paws on that puppy, I’ll read it in one sitting, from start to finish. I’ll be too greedy to let it go. I haven’t done so simply because my local book store didn’t have a copy (which earned a blistering phone call from yours truly).

I’ll be ordering a copy today.

You must be thinking, Taylor, another recommendation? Really? Can there be that many good authors? Well, let me tell you, we’re lucky in romance. There really are that many. In fact, the problem is that there aren’t enough. No. I mean that. I can get through a book a night. Then, what am I going to read? I need more. So, if you have any good romance authors…please pass them along. 



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