My characters are out of control

I don’t have obedient, quiet, demure characters. Mine, heroes and heroines alike, tend to be opinionated, sneaky and most definitely trouble. Even the smaller characters are difficult to keep in line.

I have a plot. It’s a nice, logical, well-ordered set of events that culminates in a well-organized, tidy happy ending. The trouble is none of my characters seem willing to follow said plot. They have their own ideas of what should be happening in the story and refuse to comply with commands.

It may sound silly but I think they’re up to something and I’m fairly certain it’s nothing good. I’m wondering if I should sit with them and explain that, as the writer, I’m the boss. Still, there are problems with that idea. For one, the characters are imaginary and if I start talking to them–well, it’s not a good sign. For another, they can’t help their rebellious nature, after all, I created them that way.

Perhaps acceptance is key.

Who knows, they might have a better idea for that tidy, well-organized plot.



What do you think?

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